I can imagine liberals being in a phase of denial…

But that’s normal…

They’re to blame for this global crisis…

2013E00101 Awareness economics politics corporate profits and wages

It’s the Liberal politicians with their fairytales about free global markets, who sold out state-owned enterprises to the public sector, thereby robbing the country from income by the profits those companies made.

Profits that normally would flow back into the state treasury from which the whole population would benefit, now ( after the privatization ) flow into the pockets of a few elitists enriching them more!

Those liberal politicians are also responsible for the job loss of 100.000’s ( maybe even millions ) of people from the working class, due to reorganizations to max the profit those companies generate.

Politicians are also the ones who make up regulations and legislation that benefit the multinational companies, and tear down the ones protecting the working class from abuse by companies as well as by the Government itself!

I can also imagine the 1% rich ELITE class to be in the same denial phase…

They’re just afraid they’re going to lose their power and richness most of them acquired through the years by means of fraud (bribing officials, taks evasion), monopolies (prohibited price fixing), trade in drugs, slaves and weapons, ordinary theft and so on.


The facts however… Are clear!


2013E00102 Awareness economics politics chris hedges nation of destruction michael peters neoliberalism and after

>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoliberalism

>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Price_mechanism

The term neo-liberalism refers to the revival of economic liberalism in the 80’s.

It focused mainly on the privatizing of State companies, public transport, mail and telephony.

Officially you might say politicians assumed that private businesses operating in a free market were able to organize things more efficiently than their sluggish Governmental institutions, they believed that businesses had more experience with ways to maximize profits, reducing costs and with competition of economic blocs, they assumed it could benefit the whole country and its population.

Guess they were naïve in thinking that way, because they were wrong!

It didn’t benefit the whole country but a few “elites”, they just don’t want to admit it!

This neo-liberal market system within a globalized capitalist world is a failure!

Its actually gives the means to steal the money from the working class and give it to the “Elite”!.


Even worse…

It has brought fraud and corruption.

It destroys healthcare, knowledge and freedom.

It has destroyed the economies on a global scale.

But above all it allows the abuse of people, nature and trade!


2013E00103 democracy the people governs

>>> http://www.encyclo.nl/begrip/democratie

I’ve noticed that the definition of democracy in English has been raped, so i’ve translated the ones from the Dutch definition instead!

1. The governing of a country with a lot of public participation of the inhabitants.

2. A political system in which the population is sovereign and governs itself so no one can impose unwanted measures or laws upon the majority of the population.

3. A political system in which a government is chosen by a majority of the people, by which the people have the power to dismantle that government when it doesn’t act into the interests of the majority.

The above mentioned definitions clearly state that there can only be a democracy when the “members of parliament” behave in the interests of the majority of the population.

In most so called “democratic” countries however the government doesn’t act in the interest of the majority of the people, but act in the interest of a small elite class which only make up 1% of the total population.

Therefore those countries are not considered democratic!

In their arrogance many politicians think that the position of “member of the parliament” gained from “the right to vote” from the population also gives them the power to act against the interests of the majority of the people.

The only way to put them in place is to remind them they got to change that attitude or face the consequences of being fired and replaced by others!


How far can politicians go with the privatizing of Governmental institutions which have been built with tax-payers money and are therefore considered to be the property of the people.

Selling those Governmental institutions without the consent of (the majority of) the people is theft!

Take for instance water…

Corporations like NESTLE would like to see water as an commodity to make profit with, although its considered as a human right as of 28 July 2010 General Assembly (GA) resolution (A/64/292, based on draft resolution A/64/L.63/Rev.1).

NESTLE CEO Peter Brabeck: >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iGj4GpAbTM

>>> http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp/html/story.asp?NewsID=35456&Cr=SANITATION&Cr1=#.UmAduUDh7LU

>>> http://www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/pdf/human_right_to_water_and_sanitation_media_brief.pdf

The European Commission has also tried to force its member states to privatize their water companies.

2013E00104 Awareness economics politics corporate theft and resistance

Luckily the Citizens Committee had risen 1 ½ million people to stop the EC’s privatizing plans.

Its getting even worse when companies like MONSANTO will have it their way!

They would like to see all normal plants and animals to be replaced by their patented genetically engineered version.

Keep in mind, those so called GMO’s or GGO’s aren’t even properly tested!

Those of which Monsanto claimed were tested…

Were tested or financed by the company Monsanto itself!

No one can deny the fact that when companies are involved in testing their own products, conflicts of interest may result in manipulation or wrongly interpretation of those test results!

Nevertheless most governmental health safety institutions have given “the green lights” to the introduction of these so called genetically engineered crops into the human food chain.

Those governmental institutions that didn’t, like the European Commission, however still allowed 0,9% GGO / GMO to be put into the European food chain directly…

While allowing GGO / GMO to be fully implemented into animal stock food.

>>> http://www.greenpeace.org/international/PageFiles/24267/eufoodfeedtoupdate2-1.pdf

>>> http://anh-europe.org/files/100421_Updated_Freyas_gm_oxford_Project_24_green_final-edited.pdf

Needless to say products from these animals end up in the food chain as well!


That’s not all…

Private corporations also seem to have patents on the “Human Genetic Code”, as stated in “Deadly Monopolies” by Harriet A. Washington!

>>> http://www.redwoodhealthspeak.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/PDF-version-of-my-Harriet-Washington-Interview.pdf

>>> http://nakedfoodmagazine.com/on-the-race-to-stop-monsanto/

A patent gives ownership, as everyone well knows.

Such patents give ownership to life itself!

Is it desirable or ethical for private corporations to be able to claim life itself as property?

Just think about it!

PS1: I know i’ve drifted away from the original message, but dont worry in part 2 i’m making up for that, going deeper into the sellout of  and going to tell you all about taxes as well…

Why when the working class tries to minimize their taxes its called tax evasion (illegal), but when the “elites” do it, its called tax avoiding (which is considered legal)!

>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_evasion

>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_avoidance

PS2: As you might have guessed, in part 3 i’ll tell you all about the MONSANTO SCEME!